Take pictures at some of LA best spots

Let me share you some of my favorite photography places around Los Angeles and Orange County.
Martin MooreFebruary 20, 2018

It’s not just the Pacific light, the palm trees, and the people that make Los Angeles an incredible place to visit. Stretching for more than 500 square miles from the coast to the San Gabriel and Santa Rosa mountains, LA has all the world-class galleries and murals you could want, along with many of the best taco stands, juice bars, and Michelin-starred restaurants in the country.

Given the size of America’s second-biggest city, we’ve concentrated on areas you’ll be most likely to visit. From the Arts District to Downtown L.A., Venice Beach to Malibu, here’s the 15 best photos spots in Los Angeles whether you’re visiting or a local.

The parking garage on the corner of 9th and Broadway offers a great view of the downtown skyline from the easily accessible rooftop, and you’ll get to include this epic “Jesus Saves” neon backdrop in your frame.

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