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Road Trip Around Iceland in 14 Days

Are you bored with your all-inclusive vacations? Did you ever picture yourself exploring the totally out of this world sceneries of Iceland?

You want to get a bunch of friends together and have the road trip of a lifetime?

No, seriously, do you want to travel to Iceland? The answer should be yes. Yess, you do, trust me on this one! Maybe you don’t know that yet, but trust me, you do.

Whichever continent you are from, you can have my word as Misstourist that you haven’t seen nothing like Iceland before. It’s so unique!

This article is written to give you an idea of what you can see in Iceland making a complete circle of the country (which is an island). For more detailed practical information of how to organize the day, where to stay etc, just click to the link describing each day.

This is an overview so, if you have a bit more (or less) days, you can simply adjust it according to the route suggested below.

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