Three Questions To Help Determine If REI Signature Camping

Answer the call of the wild without backpacking: Check out REI Signature Camping! Not convinced? Read on to see if comfort in the great outdoors fits your adventure lifestyle.
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In making the film and getting to know these five women, we learned that it’s important to stop along one’s venturous trail and take in the view. We gained new appreciation for our support systems. We found that it’s always possible to pivot when nothing is going your way. We learned that if they can do it, so can you.

If you answered yes to any of these questions and you love being active in the outdoors, then REI Adventures has a most excellent solution to your warranted worries: the REI Signature Camp in one of the national parks.

Created in 2013, REI Signature Camps welcome curious and adventure-seeking travelers to discover the joy of camping without the sacrifice of familiar comforts. As REI’s answer to “glamour camping,” or “glamping,” the REI Signature Camp setups are designed to provide a more authentic camping experience and a journey into the wild.

Signature Camp Zion, for instance, sits in a pine-studded alcove 45 minutes outside of Zion National Park and offers a safari-style scene straight out of a magazine. You’ll enjoy hot showers, flush toilets, freshly prepared food, spacious tents with private porches and most importantly, peace and quiet under an open sky.

In the mornings, awaken to a steaming pot of French-press coffee delivered right to your doorstep as you enjoy the song of the canyon wren and the light changing on cliffs above camp.

Retire to the respite of camp far from the madding crowds and take advantage of a warm footbath while you sip a cold beer. Kick back, read a book in a hammock, or unroll a mat to practice some yoga while your guides whip up delectable meals.

At night, adjourn to a roaring bonfire for toasty s’mores and sharing stories that inevitably fill the star-studded sky before you retire to your cozy cot fully exhausted from the day’s activities.

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