A Road-Trip Through Switzerland in One Day

So, here is the second portion of my Swiss stay!

Sri Lanka is a great country for doing all types of hikes with amazing jaw-dropping views, World’s End, being one of them!

I have done almost all of them – Adam’s peak, Sigiriya, Little Adam’s peak, Duliyama waterfalls, Lipton seat etc.

When it came to Horton plains (also known as The World’s End), I hesitated if I should go.

Firstly, I was a solo traveler and going to Horton plains national park would mean I need to find somebody to share a van with me (the only way to get to the national park).

Secondly, even if I would find a company, it is still not that cheap (I will give you the price breakdown below).

I tried to ask people around on the way in other locations in Sri Lanka, but everybody was either going another direction, either have already done it.

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